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business law

How we help small Business Owners


Every business needs professional legal counsel, and we provide customized, concierge legal services for our clients for a reasonable fee.

We help people avoid legal pitfalls throughout the life of their business, whether it is a new start up, a growing business, or a mature enterprise.

We assist business owners with regulatory filings, drafting and reviewing contracts, handling employment law issues, negotiating deals, resolving business and legal disputes, representing their interests and protecting their legal rights in litigation.

Our goal is to understand each client’s unique situation, provide the client with a complete understanding of the full range of options available to the client – with the potential legal ramifications for each option – and then carry out whatever option the client chooses.

Labor/Employment Issues


Human Resources


Unemployment Claims

Discrimination Claims


Legal Disputes with Other Companies/Individuals

Collections on Accounts Receivables

Managing Debts with Creditors

Business Law Basics

Business Entity Formation

Drafting Corporate Books

Organizational Documents


Bylaws/Partnership Agreements

Regulatory Compliance